The Thai community of Las Vegas has a very small population according to census, falling behind the Mayanmar community (Formerly Burma) who’s population in Las Vegas has grown significantly due to refugee settlers. Los Angeles who has an estimated population of over 120,000 remains the largest in the nation. The Thai Community still remains one of the most under represented Asian minority groups in America.

In 2013 T.C.F. was founded to pave the way for broader opportunities for each Thai Citizen. We are a group of young professionals who recognized the needs of the Thai Community in Las Vegas. Regardless of how small the Thai Population of Las Vegas is,  we work with Government Agencies and Officials to ensure that the Thai People receive the appropriate care and resources that are available to them. We have become The Voice For The Thai Community.

Our Vision is to Preserve the Thai Culture and Traditions by educating younger generations, and offering opportunities to participate in cultural arts and performances. The Thai Culture Foundation provides a sense of community, and a safe haven to explore their Thai heritage and learn about old historical cultural traditions through classes, activities, and cultural arts and festivities.

About T.C.F.

Our foundation provides academic scholarships, cultural arts activities, cultural interactions, educational services, and assistance with community resources.

Mission Statement:
Providing support services to undeserved families. To improve the quality of life for Thai Americans by educating, inspiring higher learning, assisting with available resources, and providing a sense of community & unity through cultural arts.

We are committed to enabling the best way of life for Thai citizens in America by assisting with available resources. We have identified high-priority areas where we believe we can make a difference. This clear vision allows us to work together most effectively, as a team and pursue paving the path to the best possible quality of life in America while preserving the historical cultures of Thailand.

 Act With Integrity – We commit to a strong moral and ethical code of conduct, striving to continuously build trust with our associates and community members.

 Dynamic Leadership – We lead by example and commit to leadership that is growth-oriented, innovative and visionary. Each of us leads by serving others and inspiring our associates and community members to accomplish shared goals. Our greatest asset, and the key to our success, is our team. We believe that each of us needs a sense of dignity, pride and satisfaction in what we do. we are most effective when we work together cooperatively, respecting each other’s contribution and importance.

 Exceptional Partnership – We commit to understand, anticipate and satisfy the needs of our community members which we create outstanding teamwork and lasting relationships.

 Winning Culture – We commit to provide an environment that enables our associates, and community members to celebrate success.

Our Key Strategies:
Team Effectiveness
Leadership Excellence
Foundation of Success through Empowering and Encouraging People
Achieving program effectiveness through best practices

T.C.F. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization (non political)
Federal Id Number: 83-3963046

Thai American Trio - Angelina, Brianna and Jennifer
Royal Thai Consulate General Tanee Sangrat and the Thai Culture Foundation Team.
Champion Muay Thai Fighters Yodsanklai and Malaipet, Dr. Christian, and Las Vegas Thai beauties.