Dr. Christian Giovanni Psy.D.

Dr. Christian Giovanni Psy.D.
Founder and Director
Dr. Giovanni comes from a Thai and Italian background, she is the first mix blooded leader to represent the Thai Community. She understands that keeping old world traditions of Thailand are important to the Thai People while they are living in America. Dr. Giovanni is a Criminal Psychologist, she also serves as Executive Director for Giovanni Media, and is actively involved in numerous Muay Thai Productions, and currently a Cultural Ambassador for the CNY in The Desert Non-Profit Organization, and an Executive sponsor of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance.
Her mother is the founder,  and Editor in Chief of the oldest, and largest Thai Newspaper in Nevada, the Las Vegas News.
Dr. Giovanni has deep ties within the Thai Community, and is well recognized for her leadership advocacy in the Asian American Community and acts as a liaison between Asian Immigrants, and the American Government. She is highly active in humanitarian work and community involvements. She is also a significant sponsor of cultural events.

Dr. Giovanni’s professional field includes:
Criminology and Forensic Psychology
Adult Criminal Psychopathology & Treatment
Biological Bases of Behavior
Criminal Behavior Assessments